A Bible Believing Seminary

New Courses

Christian Spanish 1

This is a good course for students who desire to take missionary trips to Spanish countries. Also, will help the student to witness to Spanish people who know very little or no English. Basic grammar is covered and actual soul winning. This course is taught by Dr. Paul O. Dabdoub.

Koine Greek Appreciation 101

This is an introduction to New Testament Koine Greek taught by Dr. Creighton Lovelace. This Course includes an intensive drill in basic vocabulary matters and introduces the student to the concept of learning some basic Greek words found in the New Testament. This course ultimately is designed to help the student understand how to use the “Greek” in defending the King James Bible.

The Apostle Paul

This is a Biblical study of the life of the Apostle Paul. The study begins with his persecution of the church, his salvation on the road to Damascus, and then an in-depth study of his ministry. This study is taught by Dr. Paul O. Dabdoub. An exciting course for the Bible student.

The Apostle Peter

This also is a Biblical study of the life of the Apostle Peter. The study begins with his life a s a typical person. The study covers his ‘running of his mouth’, temper that several times got him into trouble. The study, taught by Dr. Paul O. Dabdoub then goes into his ministry. An exciting course.

Twenty First Century Counseling

This course, taught by Dr. Michael Nace is designed to identify and help the counselor to navigate through the isssues that he/she may face as a counselor dealing with “Gender Issues, mental health issues unhealthy dependencies” etc. Dr. Nace is the Pastor of Java Village Baptist Church.

Biblical Counseling 7

This is a study, by Dr. Michael Nace, dealing with addictions. He covers many of the addictions that the Counselor will face in the counseling room.

Human Sexuality and the Ministry

This course is a needed and frank approach to the subject of temptation and surrounding issues in the ministry. It covers the subjects of Biblical History of sexuality, and drive. It deals with current issues facing those in the ministry.