A Bible Believing Seminary

Academic Policy

DEGREE LEVEL: SBS operates on a degree level system. Each degree program requires 60 hours of credit work.

COURSE COMPLETION DATE: Students working towards their degree by correspondence are allowed to complete at his/her own rate of progress. No pressure will be applied to finish at a particular speed , time or date.

A Excellent 90-100 4
B Good 80-89 3
C Average 70-79 2
D Below Average 60-69 1
F Failure 59 and below* 0

*NOTE: No Point Value is awarded for a grade below 60

REQUIREMENTS FOR GRADUATION: An earned degree from SBS requires a minimum of sixty (60) hours of course work for any transferred student and every student must have a GPA of 2.00.

GRADUATION HONORS: If a student averages a 3.50 GPA or better, he/she graduates with honors. These honors are shown on the student’s official transcript(s). See below the potential honors one may achieve.


3.95 – 4.00 Summa Cum Laude
3.75 – 3.94 Magna Cum Laude
3.40 – 3.74 Cum Laude


NOTE: SBS holds it’s National Graduation the first Sunday night of June every year. The service is held at Ridge Memorial Baptist Church of Slidell, LA. All students that complete their work by May the 1st each year and satisfies their tuition requirements are invited to attend and march with their class. Dr. Paul O. Dabdoub, who is the pastor as well as President/Founder of SBS preaches a charge to the graduates. A student does not have to attend to graduate however it is a life time opportunity to be honored as an adult and to meet many of your fellow graduates from all over the USA.